Kazakhstan: Socialist given 10-day jail sentence for fighting for residents’ rights

Protests urgently needed!

Ainur Kurmanov, a well-known leader of Kazakhstan Socialist Resistance, has again been sent to jail for 10 days on an administrative charge. This was the decision of the Almatinskii Administrative Court, the day after a group of residents tried to hand a petition into the city mayor complaining about the court decision to confiscate the homes of dozens of residents, so that the big building corporations can take over their land.

On the 25 March, there was another protest by those who do not agree with the miserly level of compensation offered being offered, so that residents’ houses can be confiscated supposedly for the needs of the state. This time, it was people from one of the more prestigious regions saying that another company – City Service Invest Construction Co – had failed to even pay the minimum compensation, claiming that they had no money left due to the financial crisis. Even though no compensation was paid, the court still ordered the people to leave their homes.

The protesters demanded that the courts repeal a recent ruling by the City Akimat – Mayor – on the forced eviction of residents, which they say is in contradiction to the constitution.

When no-one from the Mayor’s office agreed to come out and accept the petition, the protesters tried to unfurl their banners. However, as soon as they started to do so, the police attacked and arrested seven residents.

The next day, the protesters were tried and Ainur Kurmanov was sent to prison. No decision has yet been made about the other six.

Please send immediate protests to:

The Mayor’s Office
Akimat Almaty
Pl Respubliki 4
Telephone +7 3212 2716578 or 2716538
Procuror Bostandiskovo raiona
050040 Almaty
mikr "Koktem-2"
Tel – fax +7 3212 2476565

You directly send ’questions’ to the Almata Akim’s site. Please send protests that way.

The address is http://www.almaty.kz/ choose English language and then ’Question to Akim’

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