Video: “Mouseland” – the fight for new workers’ parties

For new parties to oppose ‘cat and mouse’ capitalism

The video below was shown at the CWI Summer School 2009 as an introduction the discussion on Europe in crisis and the fight for new mass workers’ parties.

It was produced by the Canadian New Democratic Party (NDP) and is based on a speech by Tommy Douglas, one of the founders of the NDP. The speech and accompanying cartoon give an amusing illustration of the political situation both then and today, with competing capitalist parties vying for government, all of which represent the interests of the fat cat capitalists.

Unfortunately today, the NDP is itself engaged in capitalist coalitionism and fails to put forward a clear working class alternative.

The CWI stands for the creation of new mass parties, based on the struggles of workers and youth and opposed to the cat and mouse capitalist system.


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