Japan: Voters want end to rule of Liberal Democrats

But capitalist alternative Democratic Party of Japan offers no secure future for workers and young people

In a week’s time, it is likely that the DPJ will have swept to victory in the general election, as voters express their utter dissatisfaction with the long-ruling Liberal Democrats. The economic crisis is hitting Japanese workers and young people hard and the present prime minister, Taro Aso is deeply unpopular, even within his own party.

According to the latest poll figures, the DPJ could have 300 of the 480 seats in Japan’s lower house of parliament. Its leader, Yukio Hatoyama, has announced that, however big the party’s majority, he wants a coalition with the much smaller Social Democrats and the right wing populist People’s New Party. Excuses will be given for not solving the dire problems of the working class – old and young.

A detailed article, with a socialist alternative analysis and programme, is carried (in Japanese) on the web-page of Kokusai Rentai, CWI in Japan:

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