Anniversary: “The Trotsky conundrum”

70 years on from his asasination, is it “Springtime for Trotsky?”

On 20 August 1940, the great socialist revolutionary, Leon Trotsky, was attacked in his home in Mexico with an ice axe by undercover Stalinist agent Ramon Mercader. Trotsky died, at the age of 60, on 21 August 1940. Marking the anniversary of his death, The Moscow News this week published three articles on his legacy and the prospects for the growth of Trotskyist ideas. They include an opinion piece article by Socialist Party General Secretary (CWI England and Wales) Peter Taaffe (an edited version of an article already published on followed by a piece by Dmitry Babich (‘Russians view Trotsky as a scourge from the West, while socialists insist his ideas still ring true’) and a third article by Anna Arutunyan (‘Springtime for Trotsky?) which includes comments from Rob Jones, a member of the Committee for a Workers’ International in Moscow.

To read the articles, visit The Moscow News web site:

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