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To commemorate the contribution of Leon Trotsky in building the workers’ movement internationally, we print here three articles which look at different aspects of his political work. Their publication mark the sixtieth anniversary of the murder of Leon Trotsky by an assassin hired by Stalin in Mexico in August 1940. All three articles are reprinted from Socialism Today , the theoretical journal of the Socialist Party, the CWI’s section in Britain.

A life dedicated to Revolution (1879- 1940)


"Trotsky’s relevance today" written by Peter Taaffe (General Secretary of the Socialist Party, the CWI’s section in Britain) outlines the continued relevance for today’s struggles of Trotsky’s ideas and method of analysis.

"Trotsky’s assassination" written by Lynn Walsh (Editor of ’Socialism Today’, the theoretical journal of the Socialist Party, the CWI’s section in Britain) explains the background behind and motivation for the assassination of Leon Trotsky by agents of Stalin.

"In ’Socialist Norway’" written by Laurence Coates (Secretary of the Socialist Justice Party, the CWI’s section in Sweden) outlines the role of the Norwegian Labour government in persecuting Trotsky during his enforced exile in that country.

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