Britain: Protest against brutal attack on Russian activists continue

London Socialist Party members travelled to Watford (North of London) to deliver a protest letter to the Vinci regional office.

Security wouldn’t let us anywhere near the building let alone go in to hand over the letter. So we stood on the pavement and were able to discuss with workers on their lunch break why we were there. After many attempts and a lot of arguments and consultations with somebody upstairs a Vinci representative deigned to take our letter. After attempts to stop us taking pictures failed, the police were called. The police view was that if Vinci were embarrassed having a protest outside their office, having the police turn up too would only make it worse! They showed particular interest in our placard condemning police repression.

•Stop the destruction of Moscow’s green belt – Vinci Construction must immediately withdraw from the contract to build the Moscow St Petersburg road

•Vinci must break all commercial and other links with the OOO ‘Teplotekhnik’ Company

•Vinci must issue a public statement to the Russian and international mass media condemning the use of thuggery and police repression against the environmental camp and members of the CWI. Vinci must call for the police to conduct a full and transparent investigation leading to the arrest of those guilty of the vicious attacks.

•Vinci must open its records concerning the Moscow St Petersburg highway contract to a public enquiry, conducted by the trade unions, environmental groups and other interested parties.

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