Britain: National Shop Stewards Network conference – A ‘council of war’

‘Brilliant. And serious.’ ‘Exactly what’s needed at this point in time – now we need to get out there!’

These words were echoed by many of the hundreds in attendance at the conference of the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) on Saturday 24 June.

Strikers from the national and local disputes that have shaken the government and bosses over the last year, in both public and private sectors. Elected trade union leaders at local and national levels, from workplace reps and branch secretaries, to executive members and general secretaries. Young workers just joining unions, bringing the energy of a new generation of workers getting organised; longstanding militants drawing on years of experience.

Serious issues were debated, and serious strategies put forward, in two main sessions: ‘Building the strike wave’ and ‘fighting the Tory anti-union laws’.

Everyone went away armed, both with arguments – for escalation, coordination and a political strategy – and with concrete steps. A model motion was unanimously agreed on combating the minimum service levels (MSL) legislation. This should now be taken to every branch, regional and national body possible.

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National Shop Stewards Network conference: A ‘council of war’ – Socialist Party

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June 2023