US: Political crisis and resistance

Perspectives for Struggle in 2012

With the Occupy movement and the battle in Wisconsin, the US saw decisive changes in 2011. Socialist Alternative, the CWI supporters in the US, discussed these developments and concluded: "In the context of the deepening crisis and the processes of revolution and counter-revolution around the world, broad left-wing and socialist ideas in the U.S. could grow quite rapidly, taking up some of the gaping political vacuum on the left."

To read the analysis in total, see "Political Crisis and Resistance – Perspectives for Struggle in 2012" by Socialist Alternative: "This document analyzing the historic struggles of 2011, particularly the Occupy movement, and putting forward perspectives for struggles in 2012, was unanimously agreed by the National Committee of Socialist Alternative, which met February 18-20. It has been slightly updated and amended since then to reflect new developments."

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