Paul Murphy MEP speaks on situation in Syria

"[A]ny military intervention, regardless of how it’s dressed up…will not ease the suffering of the Syrian people"

Paul Murphy MEP intervenes in the debate on the latest developments in the Middle East, including the situation in Syria, at the June plenary session of the European Parliament on the current situation in Syria.

The following footage is from 12 June, 2012. Below the video is the text of the speech.

“A BBC journalist reporting from Syria concluded sadly – but accurately – that what happened in Houla at the end of May is terrible but is not unique. Only yesterday, another 100 people, many of them children, are estimated to have died across the country in this conflict that is sliding right into outright civil war.

“The origins of the uprising in Syria, as a genuine popular movement against Assad’s police state and against the rule of the corrupt elite, have been increasingly forgotten by all of the dominant forces. Sectarianism is deepening, and there is a real danger of a conflict based on sectarian lines spilling over into other countries in the region.

“As always, it is working people, poor, and children who suffer the most. And the crocodile tears of sympathy from the imperialist powers in my opinion are deeply sickening, deeply hypocritical, considering the day after the Houla massacre a NATO drone strike in Afghanistan killed eight members of one family. Now the US is using the failure of the so-called six-point peace plan to threaten action outside of it.

“One thing needs to be very clear: any military intervention, regardless of how it’s dressed up, regardless of how it’s disguised, will not ease the suffering of the Syrian people. The answer can only be a movement that unites working and poor people in Syria, regardless of religious and ethnic backgrounds, which can meet the aspirations of those participating in the uprising of March 2011.”

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