Latin America: 6th CWI Latin American school

Largest and most confident event organised yet

Just outside Sao Paulo, Brazil, between 22 and 27 January, the largest and most enthusiastic and confident CWI Latin American school took place. Approximately 160 comrades from Brazil, Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela participated with comrades also present from Sweden, USA and Britain and the International Secretariat of the CWI. In Sao Paulo, over 200 comrades and supporters packed into the public international rally. The school discussed international developments and the impact of the world economic crisis on Latin America. It also analysed the changing situation in Latin American countries which are now affected by the slow down in the Chinese economy. Explosive events and general strikes in Argentina and the youth movement which erupted during Mexico’s presidential election featured during the the lively and enthusiastic debates. On the political front, there have also been important new developments, wit the growth of PSOL in Brazil and the decision by the COB union federation in Bolivia to launch a new workers’ party, which pose crucial new conjunctures for the work of the CWI in these countries. Separate sessions on Chile, Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina discussed in detail developments in theses countries and the tasks facing the sections of the CWI. Other commissions on women, trade unions, indigenous and black movements, LGBT, PSOL and others took place throughout the event. Comrades are confidently looking forward to strengthening the work of the CWI sections in Latin America and prospects for opening up work in new countries on the continent. Below, we publish a collection of photos from the event.

Johan Rivas, from Socialismo Revolucionario (CWI in Venezuela)

Tony Saunois, CWI International Secretariat

Andre Ferrari, LSR (CWI in Brazil)

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