Sudan: Solidarity with the students’ protests!

Free all arrested students now

Socialist Alternative Sudan and the Committee for a Workers’ International give our full solidarity to the students and all those who have stood against the decision to sell the premises of the historic University of Khartoum, and have heroically taken to the streets for several days to show their discontent.

This government’s decision is in line with its recklessness in selling virtually everything that is valuable to the Sudanese people, regardless of the majority of the population’s interests. The decision, leaked through the country’s tourist minister, sparked the students’ anger and follows on from a whole series of attacks on the education system.

We declare our outright rejection of this decision and strongly condemn all the forms of state violence and oppression being used against the student community – and against any other section of the population.

We condemn the arbitrary arrest of dozens of students. We condemn the use of tear gas and rubber bullets by the security forces, and the police storming of the campus.

These measures are aimed at preventing peaceful protests to develop. And at choking the movement before it inspires other sections of the Sudanese people: young people, the poor and workers, who are all fed up with the ever spreading poverty and the lack of democratic rights in our country.

We fully back the call by the University Teachers’ Union to “all sectors of the Sudanese people to resist”, and to “reject the way the state is playing with the nation’s treasures”.

We demand:

  • The immediate and unconditional release of all the students arrested, and the withdrawal of state forces from the campus
  • Resolute and organised action by the students, teachers and workers to defend their university
  • A fully independent investigation into the decision to sell-off the University of Khartoum

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