Video: Protest at Irish Embassy, London, in solidarity with #JobstownNotGuilty

On 24 April the biggest political trial in Ireland for a generation began. Seven people stand accused of ‘false imprisonment’ of then deputy prime minister Joan Burton during an anti-water charges sit-down protest and slow march in Jobstown, Dublin, in 2014. A 17 year old has already been found guilty of this charge in children’s court and a further eleven protesters face related charges in the future. A guilty verdict would hold a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. Among the first adult defendants is Paul Murphy, member of the Irish parliament and of the Socialist Party’ (CWI Ireland).

Yesterday a protest was held at the Irish Embassy in London, in solidarity with , called by the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers and supported by the Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales). A short video of the protest can be seen here

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