Pakistan: Despite brutal conditions, CWI women in Sindh plan convention and Women’s March

CWI SInd supporters at a protest against oppression in 2018

Members of the CWI in Sindh are planning to hold their annual convention and the traditional Women’s March on Monday, International Women’s Day, March 8th

In recent years, there has been a huge increase in sexual harassment and discrimination in Pakistan. Although it is happening all over the world, over the past few months assault and attacks have been widespread in Sindh, especially against young girls. According to a report published in August 2020, in Pakistan, no fewer than 1,489 poor children were sexually abused in just six months. In one case an 8-year-old child, Zainab, was assaulted and her body thrown onto a rubbish dump. Other horrific cases are still being investigated

In 2019, a bill to protect people was passed in the National Assembly called ‘Response and Recovery’. But this has remained on paper only and not implemented in practice. Poor women and their children are not safe. It is they who suffer the most. The feelings and ambitions of the poor are very strong but are totally disregarded. Their plight falls on deaf ears within the state administration.

Laws remain simply on paper and are only a cover for the capitalists and feudal landlords who just exploit the labour of the poor.

The only solution to all these problems is that all oppressed women, together with representatives of the oppressed classes, should be organised and struggle to establish a new society. We must bring about a society where there is no injustice. This society can and must be a socialist society.