Join today’s online rally: Fighting to end women’s oppression – A socialist, internationalist approach

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International Women’s Day rally hosted by the Socialist Party in England and Wales and the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI).

Sunday 7th March 2021, 15-00 to 16-30 hrs (GMT)

With speakers from across the world:
  • Rashmi, New Socialist Alternative, India
  • Sherri Hamilton, Marxist Workers Party, South Africa
  • Pamela Meza Lobos, Socialismo Revolucianario, Chile
  • Claire Bayler, Independent Socialist Group, US
  • Leila Messaoudi, Gauche Revolutionnaire, France
  • Clare Doyle, CWI International Secretariat
  • Carah Daniel, Militant Left, Ireland
  • Helen Pattison, Socialist Party, England/Wales
Chair: Isai Priya, Socialist Party England/Wales

The CWI relies on the donations from working class people around the world to fund our campaigns.Please donate towards building the CWI.