Socialism 2022 Nov 19-20- A socialist forum of discussion and debate on ideas to change the world

Working class striking back, capitalist crisis and the case for socialism

Rally for Socialism

Saturday 19 November 5.30-7.30 pm (UK time)

Watch the live broadcast here:


The rally is part of the ‘Socialism 2022’ weekend event hosted by the Socialist Party in England and Wales

It’s a weekend of debate, discussion, and a program for socialist struggle is taking place in London on November 19/20.


With a historic crisis facing the Tory government and brutal attacks on living standards provoking the biggest strike wave for decades, the need for a clear socialist program and alternative to capitalism is more urgent than ever.


All this is taking place in Britain against the background of a global capitalist crisis, the war in the Ukraine, and mass uprisings in Sri Lanka and other countries. The need for a Marxist analysis of the current state of global capitalism and what the future hold is also now essential.


Join us for a weekend of theory, debate, and discussion to plan to fight for a socialist future.


Zoom option

The event will be in-person but fighting socialists, workers, and young people from across the world are invited to attend. A number of the workshops will have zoom access and the rally will be live-streamed.

Zoom details will be sent to all ticket-holders on Friday.


Rally speakers include:

  • Hannah Sell, Socialist Party general secretary
  • Prasad, a socialist leader of the mass revolt in Sri Lanka
  • Jared Wood, RMT London regional organiser (personal capacity [pc])
  • Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party political secretary and former editor of the Militant
  • Sheila Caffrey, National Education Union National Executive (pc)
  • Gary Clark, CWU Scotland No. 2 Branch Secretary (pc)
  • Holly Johnston, NHS trade union activist (pc)
  • Chaired by Lenny Shail, Socialism 2022 organiser


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