Against the EU of the big banks and corporations – For a socialist federation of European states!

European Parliament buildings (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The elections to the European Parliament will take place between June 6 and 9 in the 27 states in the EU. Right-wing populist and far-right – i.e. nationalist – parties are expected to be successful, although public approval of the EU has increased in recent years (although there are contradictory opinion polls). The latter certainly has something to do with the fact that, considering the pandemic, climate change and the war in Ukraine, there is a growing realisation that problems and perceived threats must be tackled internationally. This should not be confused with support for the specific European Union with its existing constitution and political orientation.

This EU is not designed in the interests of the working people in its member states. It is an alliance of capitalist states to enforce their capitalist interests. An alliance that is intended to strengthen these states against their competitors in the global competition for access to raw materials, transport routes and sales markets. The EU is used as an instrument to enforce capitalist profit interests against the working class in the member states. The EU is neoliberal, undemocratic, militaristic, and racist.


The EU defines neoliberal and anti-working-class policies through many measures. Whether through the so-called Maastricht criteria, which limit budget deficits and national debt; trade liberalisation, privatisation requirements; bans on nationalisation; and the erosion of collective bargaining agreements. This EU is acting against the interests of working-class people. It is clearly, and through the EU treaties, on the side of the capitalists. The EU is not a neutral framework that can be filled with different content depending on the political majority. Socialist policies in the interests of the working class and the socially disadvantaged can only be implemented if the EU treaties are broken.


Although the citizens of the member states elect the EU Parliament, it has very few rights. Decisions are primarily made by the EU Commission, which is put together by the governments of the EU member states.


The EU stands for the militarisation of foreign policy. It is developing in the direction of a military union and there is a requirement to rearm. The ban on military spending from the EU budget has been effectively cancelled out. Billions were spent on the war in Ukraine.


The EU is sealing off its external borders and building a Fortress Europe against refugees, while at the same time-sharing responsibility for the causes of flight in the countries of the neo-colonial world. Since 2014, almost 30,000 refugees have lost their lives in the Mediterranean – the result of the brutal closure enforced by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex). The EU spent over 800 million euros on Frontex in 2023.

EU promotes nationalism

The EU is not a unified European state and cannot become one because capitalism cannot overcome the nation state and the respective national capitalist classes need their respective nation states to defend their interests. The EU is also not free of national conflicts. However, its inability to contribute to solving the many social ills is also driving people into the arms of right-wing populists like the AfD in Germany.

Socialist opposition needed

A strong movement of the working class is also needed to prevent this – militant trade unions and mass socialist parties that fight against this EU of banks and corporations. Socialist opposition to the EU does not mean political support for policies limited to the nation state and certainly not for nationalism. It stands for common, transnational struggles and for a Europe-wide abolition of capitalism and its replacement by socialist democracies, which could unite to form a voluntary socialist federation, the united socialist states of Europe.

This is what Sol is fighting for in the trade unions, the Left Party (Die Linke) and social movements. In the election, we call on people to vote for Die Linke because it is the only party with an anti-capitalist claim, even if its European policy is contradictory and many in the party propagate illusions in the EU. We understand that many people will vote for former leading Die Linke figure Sahra Wagenknecht’s new party, BSW, out of frustration with the real policies of the Die Linke and in protest against the established parties. However, we are also convinced that the BSW neither provides the necessary substantive answers nor places the necessary emphasis on trade union resistance and the development of social movements. But this is urgently needed. Therefore, our call is to vote for the left and become active in the struggle against attacks on the working class and for socialist change – preferably in and with  Sol: for the construction of a revolutionary Marxist force and also a socialist mass workers’ party in which all those who want to consistently defend the interests of workers can come together and which could be an offer for millions of workers and young people who currently see no political alternative.

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June 2024