Statements from the International Secretariat

10,08,2020 World perspectives: Revolution and counter revolution – Who stands to gain?
06,15,2020 “All changed, changed utterly ” – A new era of class struggle and capitalist crisis
05,15,2020 New era of capitalist turmoil and social upheaval opens – only a socialist alternative offers a way forward
05,04,2020 Covid-19 and crisis in sub-Saharan Africa
04,21,2020 Global covid-19 pandemic, capitalist crisis and bitter class polarisation in the United States
04,18,2020 CWI: An emergency programme to fight Covid-19 and protect working people
04,09,2020 Covid-19: Economic catastrophe spurs state intervention and workers’ resistance
03,31,2020 As coronavirus crisis intensifies, class antagonisms deepen
03,23,2020 Coronavirus plunges capitalism into global turmoil -The need for a socialist alternative

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