The “yellow vest” movement in France has involved hundreds of thousands of people in demonstrations, blockades of roundabouts, main roads and toll booths all around the country, in big cities and in the countryside. Begun in mid-November, it has not even stopped during the festive season, and it’s not finished yet

A three day general strike in Zimbabwe was set in motion on 14 January in response to the deteriorating economic situation in the country. Called by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) and local activists the strike was in protest against the 150 per cent fuel price hike announced by President Emmerson Mnangagwa on 12 January.

The following article was published prior to last night’s vote in the House of Commons, which saw a huge defeat for the Tory government’s attempt to pass its Brexit deal.

The Tories are at each other’s throats - now let’s get them out! As we go to press, Theresa May’s Brexit deal is...

We denounce and actively fight against sexist violence. In 2018, this violence has escalated with the nine registered femicides every day, in addition to thousands of victims of domestic violence, harassment and all sexual crimes - dangers that we face every day.

The clash between the Salvini-Di Maio government and the European Commission on the budget law has been at the centre of the Italian political situation for more than two months. The draft submitted by the government to the technocrats of Brussels was initially rejected by them. Pierre Moscovici, the European Commissioner for Finance, asked the...

Parliament reconvened after the Christmas break with no let-up in the government’s crisis over the coming Brexit vote. Theresa May’s deal with the EU is still opposed by most MPs, most members of the Tory party and most people across the entire country.

The failure of Taiwan’s pro-LGBT referendum in November last year does not represent the end of the marriage equality and LGBT movement in Taiwan and we need to rebuild a fighting LGBT movement against further attacks. The victory by a large margin of the anti-LGBT referendum taken at the same time was a blow to the struggle for marriage...

India’s Working Class people have a tremendous history of showing their built-up anger and collective bargaining strength time and again through General Strikes. Since the arrival of the disastrous policies of neo-liberalism in 1991, the working class of India have embarked upon a General Strike 17 times. Last time when we struck work in...

After telling civil servants that they would not be getting a pay rise, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi asked, “Do you want to build your country … or are you going to look for potatoes?”

1 January 2019 marked the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Cuban Revolution. Tony Saunois looks at the Cuban Revolution and the life of its main leader, Fidel Castro. The article also discusses what is the way forward to defend the gains of the revolution and the vital question of workers' democracy and the struggle for socialism in...

Vladimir Putin rose to power after the collapse of the Soviet Union, as gangster capitalism seized hold of Russia. Emulating aspects of Stalin’s ‘strongman’ image, he has sought to reassert Russian power on the world stage.

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