The 4th March general election has caused the biggest shake-up of the Italian political landscape in over 20 years. Not since the ‘clean hands’ corruption scandal of the early ‘90s have the establishment parties been so severely wounded.

A few weeks before the 4 March general election, the country is still dominated by a profound economic crisis and serious social consequences. On the political plain, the centre-right coalition of the Lega and Berlusconi’s party Forza Italia have returned to the national political scene, the PD is in a serious situation in the polls while the...

Class struggle can build real left force. 
After the defeat of Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, in the referendum on constitutional reform on 4 December, the crisis of the political system in Italy has accelerated. In late February, two historic leaders, D'Alema  and Bersani, who came from the PCI (Italian Communist...

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