Greece’s agony continues. This week, more pension cuts and tax increases were agreed by the Syriza-led government and international creditors, in return for €7.5bn emergency loans to enable Athens to feed its debt repayments. Under the new agreement, pensions will be cut by another 18%...

Like every year, International Workers' Day was marked by demonstrations and rallies in many countries around the world. Below is a collection of pictures featuring the CWI interventions in some of these countries.


When Bob Crow died in March 2014 the trade union movement in Britain lost one of its best known and most determined fighters. He was far from being only an industrial militant, however. Bob was also instrumental in the struggle to build a new mass party of the working class, a key element underplayed in a new biography, ‘Bob Crow:...

The result of the first round of the presidential election in France has shown a massive rejection of the established parties and what they represent. It marks a watershed in France’s politics and opens up possibilities for a movement from below that can build a new left and socialist force.

The second round, on May...

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