cwi Joe spoke directly to almost 2,000 workers and shop stewards during his brief tour, plus four Socialist Party public meetings in three States, did media, met with union executives, and had an official welcome by ...

“Hot autumn” for German government starts early as tens of thousands take to the streets in yet another wave of protest against impoverishment programme Agenda 2010

Across Venezuela hundreds of thousands have celebrated the defeat of the attempt to “recall” the radical President Hugo Chávez. The overwhelming referendum result is a huge blow against US President Bush’s policies and the Venezuelan ruling class. The opposition had hoped that they would be able...

The victory for the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) in the parliamentary elections, followed by the provincial elections, has brought more problems instead of solving the burning crisis of the country. The UPFA - a coalition of President Chandrika Bandaranayaka’s capitalist Sri Lanka Freedom Party...

While the last preparations were being put in place for the corporate-sponsored, stage-managed "Democratic" Party Convention, independent left-wing presidential candidate Ralph Nader spoke in Boston about why he’s determined to challenge the two party status quo.

How To fight and defeat Obasanjo’s anti-poor, capitalist government

The race for the leadership of the Scottish National Party took a dramatic twist recently when on the day nominations closed former SNP leader Alex Salmond announced he was standing for party convener.

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