FIFTEENTH OF FEBRUARY marks an historic day of anti-war protest worldwide. Never before have we seen a mass anti-war movement of this character before a war even starts. It is even bigger than the movement against the Vietnam War in its early stages.

Members of the SLP (Sozialistiche LinksPartei, Austrian section of the CWI)- and ISR-comrades from Vienna and Salzburg joined German CWI and ISR members in the SAV and ’WI!’ (International Resistance), in the anti-war and anti-Nato demos held in Munich  last Saturday.

With 220 000 US and British troops (including a quarter of the British army) surrounding Iraq, 300 US warplanes on airfields to its north and south, and a stockpile of 6 700 satellite-guided and 3 000 laser-guided bombs, Bush and Blair are set on war with or without a UN resolution.

A three-day national railway strike paralysed Slovakia from 1-3 February. The government clamped down on the strike using the High court to declare the action illegal.

A BARBAROUS WAR is being fought out in the Gulf. Never before has so much weaponry, of such lethal power, been hurled together on a single battlefield. In the first phase of the war, the air forces of the United States and its allies - Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, and the others - have already subjected Iraq and...

I have visited Greece many times in the past but this was my first visit for a long time, to attend the very successful congress of Xekinima, the Greek section of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI). Would I find a changed country? Would the class demons, which in the past haunted the Greek and...

The final results of the Israeli elections are a clear victory for Prime Minister Sharon’s party, Likud, which won 38 seats, up from 21 in the outgoing Knesset (parliament) and double the number achieved by Labour, the traditional party of the Israeli ruling class.

The management of steel company Arcelor announced the closure of part of Cockerill Sambre in Liège by 2005. This would mean a loss of 2,500 jobs. Added to those jobs, there are about 5,000 jobs threatened at companies which supply Cockerill Sambre with cmponents or raw materials. Those figures are without counting...

Following the breakdown of the coalition between the conservative People’s Party and Haider’s far right Freedom Party last September, Austria held new elections in November that resulted in gains for the conservatives and a disaster for the Freedom Party whose votes went down to ten percent. Chancellor...

EVERY DAY more and more young people are getting involved in the anti-war movement. International Socialist Resistance (ISR) and Socialist Party members and supporters have been helping organise school and college walkouts against the war across Britain.

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