Jagadish Chandra, New Socialist Alternative (Nava Samajavaadi Paryaya - the CWI’s section in India) spoke about the struggle against privatisation in India in an interview with Offensiv (newspaper of the Swedish section of the CWI) during the Eighth World Congress of the CWI. In April this year 10 million public...

EU/EMU kan inte bli något annat än storföretagens och de rikas vapen mot arbetare och ungdomar. Inom EU är det direktörer som bestämmer och politikerna som verkställer. Toppmötet i Köpenhamn kommer att bli ännu en påminnelse om detta.

A 24-hour general strike called by the CGTP trade union federation on 10 December has been called to stop the most vicious attack on workers, and labour and union rights since the Portuguese Revolution in the middle 1970’s.

The early general elections in Austria held on 24 November saw a huge victory for the conservative Peoples party (ÖVP) of chancellor Schüssel, getting 42,3 % and becoming the largest party for the first time since 1966.

WHILE THE US and British governments relentlessly prepare to attack Iraq as part of their ’war on terrorism’, a suspected al-Qa’ida cell blew up a hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, packed with Israeli tourists. Most of the fatalities were from a Kenyan dance troupe.

Within 48 hours of Labour being re-elected in a landslide, Victorian unions (many of whom played a key role in mobilising to get Labour in power) were being rebuffed by Labour leader Steve Bracks in their demand for industrial manslaughter legislation to penalise bosses who kill or injure workers. State public servants...

MANY FIREFIGHTERS and other workers will have looked on bewildered as the FBU (Fire Brigade Union) executive council called off the eight-day firefighters’ strike due to begin on 4 December.

On the 26 November Mohamed Achrak, a 27 year old teacher from Moroccan origin was shot in Borgerhout, one of the poorest areas of Antwerp. It is almost certain that this is a case of racist murder. A spontaneous protest action of immigrant youth met with severe police-repression and ended up in riots with over 200 being...

AN INFLAMATORY Nigerian newspaper article connected to the Miss World contest sparked off bloody religious sectarianism in the northern city of Kaduna. The fighting later flared in the capital Abuja leaving 215 people dead, 1,200 injured and 12,000 homeless.

"THE GOVERNMENT has completely lost control of the agenda. This is no longer just a dispute between the FBU and the government: it has descended into a fight between the government and the whole union movement" (Observer 24 November).

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