Russian Revolution Centenary

January 1917 - On the eve of revolution



War, hunger, hated Tsarist regime: class tensions reach breaking point

Niall Mulholland, from

The following article from the new site, is the first of a series of articles that analyse and explain, month by month, the stormy events of the revolutionary year of the Russian revolution. The first in the series, by Niall Mulholland, looks at the events and situation during January 1917.

The month of January 1917 began with more setbacks for the Russian army, as the great imperialist slaughter of World War One drew closer to an end. On the Romanian front troops retreated. Morale in the Russian army was extremely low. One and a half million soldiers deserted in 1916. Over half of the country’s peasant farmers were fighting in the war and their families left at home faced starvation.

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