9th Latin American school a success



Over 200 participate in Sao Paolo CWI continental gathering

The CWI organised a very successful 9th Latin American school in Sao Paolo between 24 and 29 January. Over 200 people participated during a week of discussion and debate on issues ranging from the world situation following the election of Trump and the situation in Latin America’s different countries, to the lessons of the 1917 Russian Revolution on its centenary. A successful public rally was held to mark the Russian Revolution which over 250 people attended.

Comrades attended the meeting from Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, the USA and Sweden, as well as from the CWI’s International Secretariat. Representatives from Izquierda Revolucionaria, with which the CWI is in a process of coming together, attended from Spain and Venezuela.

See a selection of photos from the event below. Further reports to come.



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