Afghanistan: Anti war protests – Britain

OVER 5,000 joined CND’s protest against Bush and Blair’s war plans outside Downing Street on 22 September.

War in Afghanistan

Downing Street protests

This was quite a turn-out, especially since it hadn’t really been publicised and in spite of Bush and Blair’s pro-war propaganda offensive.

As well as peace groups and the Left there were many non-aligned young people, many of whom have taken part in the anti-capitalist protests. Those I spoke to obviously had no faith in Bush or Blair and concluded that war would make things a lot worse and it’s ordinary people who will pay the price.

The Socialist Party took part in the protest to help build an anti-war movement. We collected hundreds of names of people interested in doing this.As with the anti-capitalist protests, more and more people are open to socialist ideas.

We sold over 200 copies of The Socialist and ran out of our ’No to War’ leaflets which were being used as placards.

As Bush and Co. prepare for war, the Socialist Party will be preparing for the national anti-war demonstration on 13 Octobe

This article first appeared in The Socialist.

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