Brazil: Teachers’ strike brutaly repressed by the police

As comrades will know from a previous circular the Brazilian comrades have been leading a teachers strike in Cotia, Brazil. This strike has been attacked by the police. Messages of support and protest are urgently needed and should be sent to the e/mail address below.

On Monday 7 October a mass meeting of the teachers in Cotia voted to continue with the strike and undertook a mass demonstration to set up an encampment outside the City Hall.

This demonstration was brutally attacked by the Military Police who beat up and arrested demonstrators as they set up camp in front of the City Hall.

As comrades know the teachers have been on strike since last week demanding an increase in wages and improved conditions and have rejected the offer of the Education Department.

Following the attack various teachers have been injured and are in the process of taking legal action against the criminal activities of the police. Amongst them are three comrades of the SR/CWI. Alexandre was beaten up and they broke his arm. Alexandre and Maria Antonia, who was also beaten, were arrested and only released after they paid a fine The comrades are fine and have returned to the leadership of the strike.

Today another mass meeting took place and voted to continue with the strike and have established a permanent picket in front of the Prefeitura. This will continue through the night and is being done to try and prevent further repressive action by the police.

The press and PT state deputies have been contacted. The central union -APEOSP – is supporting the local APEOSP branch with all questions relating to legal representation and is politically denouncing what has taken place.

Messages of support to be sent as rapidly as possible to:

Cotia branch of Apeoesp at:

And also to Social Political Secretary Miguel Leme at

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