Iraq: Stop the war in Iraq – One million on the streets on Madrid

In Madrid up to 1 million took to the streets against war on 22 March, according to the organisers (20,000 according to the government!).

Stop the war in Iraq. Spain.

One million on the streets

In Barcelona 500,000 came out, according to the (Catalan) police, 750,000 to 1 million according to the organisers. I was on the Barcelona demonstration and although it was big it was as big as the 15 February demonstration.

Still, it was a very lively protest with shouts of "Asesinos" (’murderers’) and the call for Aznar’s resignation being about the most polite. All along the street we marched down there were people on their balconies, including old age pensioners in wheelchairs covered with blankets against the cool breeze, and hundreds of "No a la guerra" (Stop the war) banners.

In Seville 150,000 demonstrated, in Valencia 150,000, Girona 18,000, Leida 10,000, Taragona 5,000, Santander 10,000 and in San Sebastian 5,000.

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