Ireland: Global protests over jailed anti-tax activists

Protests against the jailing of Joe Higgins TD, Councillor Clare Daly (both Socialist Party) in Dublin, continue to spread around the world.

So far, solidarity pickets have taken place, or will soon take place, in Europe, including in Britain (London), Germany (Berlin), Belgium (Brussels), Sweden (Stockholm), in North America, the US (Boston), in Africa, in Nigeria (Lagos), in Asia, in Sri Lanka, and in Australia.

The protests have received widespread media coverage, including discussions on Greek radio and Nigerian television.

Further protests are planned and will spread for as long as Joe and Clare and other anti-bin charges activists are imprisoned. Pickets will be held in India, South Africa and Canada. This coming Friday, a protest will be held in Tel Aviv.

Below are a brief report of protest action in Germany and also a letter of protest sent to the Irish government from a left MP in Brazil.


On Monday afternoon at 4pm we organised a lobby at the Irish embassy in Berlin. Supporters used a leaflet we produced on that issue, and posters, and linked it to our own campaign – appealing to people on the streets (a megaphone was not allowed). Two of us went inside and give a letter of protest to them.


Letter of protest from Brazil

Brasília, 19 September 2003.

Dear Comrades,

I would like to express my solidarity with the comrades members of parliament Joe Higgins and Clare Daly and also my indignation over their arrests for correctly fighting the abusive Bin Tax, which is no more than a means of increasing the exploitation of the workers of Ireland to make them pay for the economic crisis brought on by applying neoliberal policy, which has taken over worldwide. We call for the immediate release of the comrades.

Socialist Greetings,

[Signed ]

João Batista Oliveira de Araújo ( Baba)

Federal Representative from Pará, Workers Party (PT),

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