cwi international conference: The crisis of global capitalism and the socialist alternative

“One of the best international meetings the cwi has ever held…the discussions were excellent…the meeting reflected well the hectic pace of cwi activities in the anti-war movement and in strikes…”

cwi international conference.

The crisis of global capitalism and the socialist alternative

These were just some of the comments made by members of the International Executive Committee (IEC) of the Committee for a Workers’ International (cwi) at a recent meeting of the IEC, which took place in Belgium, from 21-26 November. Over the next couple of weeks, cwi Online will publish reports of the main political discussions: World Relations and the World Economy, Perspectives for Europe and Building the cwi. Excellent sessions were also held on Southern Ireland, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Latin America and we will publish summaries of these also.

The cwi is a democratic socialist international organisation, with a presence in over forty countries, on all continents. Last year’s successful Eighth World Congress of the cwi elected an International Executive Committee, which meets in between World Congresses.

Over forty representatives from cwi sections travelled to Belgium this November to take part in the IEC meeting. The representatives came from cwi sections in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, the CIS, the Czech Republic, England and Wales, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Scotland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and the US. Due to important industrial movements in Europe, and elections in which cwi members were standing, IEC representatives were unable to attend the Belgium meeting from several countries, including Portugal and

N Ireland.

Since the Eighth cwi World Congress the pace of events on the world stage has been hectic. During the week of the November 2003 meeting alone there were huge demonstrations against Bush and Blair in London, the horrendous bombings in Istanbul and the overthrow of the corrupt government of Eduard Shevardnadze in Georgia.

Since the IEC meeting, Bush made a desperate flying visit to Iraq to bolster his ratings at home – but this only emphasises the beleaguered situation facing US imperialism in Iraq. As well as this, several attacks on ‘coalition’ forces killed Spanish and Japanese military personnel, diplomats and construction workers. US forces routinely carry out repressive operations against Iraqis, such as the recent massacre of Iraqis in the town of Samarra, deepening resentment to the occupation.

The cwi provides commentary and analysis of these events and the world situation. The cwi also participates in the anti-war/anti-occupation movements and in other struggles of the working class and poor. The cwi in Germany, for example, is playing a key role in strikes and protests against the cuts plans of the Schroeder government.

We believe the discussions and conclusions of the IEC meeting are of interest to workers and youth everywhere. To begin with, this week we publish a summary of the discussion on World Relations and the World Economy by IEC member Niall Mulholland. Hannah Sell, an IEC representative from the England and Wales Socialist Party, also gives an overall summary of the IEC meeting.

Next week, reports of the discussions on Europe, and the sessions on Nigeria, Ireland, Sri Lanka and Latin America, will be published, followed by reports from the cwi sections on their campaigning and party-building work.

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