Israel: International protests force university authorities to back off

Maavak Sozialisti members, along with other student activists, have just ended a joint election campaign in the name of the Social Student Front (SSF). This was an extremely hard campaign for us to organise. From the beginning we faced severe harassment from the university authorities because of our campaign to raise questions about how the student union was run. All our posters were removed from the university and our meetings were banned so we were fighting not only for votes but also for the freedom of speech and organization in the university campuses. In the end the SSF managed to have three of its members elected to the student union

Members of Maavak Sozialisti wish to send special thanks to all those who sent letters of protest and solidarity from all around the world. As a result of this pressure we have forced major concessions from the university authorities.

From now on an area in the campuses will be allotted for political stalls, and also wall space for hanging up political material. Meetings of our student organisation will be allowed to take place within the campus.

We wish to thank all everyone for supporting us. That was particularly important in light of the fact that many students now have more confidence in their ability to affect university authorities.


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