Ireland: Kunle’s thanks for overturning deportation

Thank you all

Following the Irish Justice Minister’s decision to allow him back into Ireland (see report on 24 March ) Elukanlo Olukunle issued the following statement in Lagos on 24 March.

Kunle’s thanks for overturning deportation

May I use this medium to thank all my friends and school mates in Palmerstown Community School in Dublin who have been protesting and picketing over my unjust deportation to Nigeria by the Irish government.

I also thank the Socialist Party members, especially Joe Higgins TD, for their solidarity and support since my unjust deportation. Joe, for instance, had contacted members of Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM), an affiliate of the Committee for a Workers International (CWI) in Nigeria, to secure me accommodation and oversee my upkeep.

These protests from my friends and solidarity by the Socialist Party have contributed immensely to force the Irish government review this injustice and recall me. I shall forever be grateful for this.

However, I want to use this medium to appeal to my friends and school mates and Socialist Party to prevail on Irish government to review the cases of other people who have been victims of this similar injustice especially the two pregnant women that were deported with me. I also appeal to Irish government to positively review its immigration policies.

Meanwhile, I shall be addressing a press conference in Lagos tomorrow (25 March) over my ordeal and that of others in my category with a view to fight for a more humane immigration laws internationally.

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