G8 summit: Make capitalism history – make socialism our future!

The G8 are eight – we are billions! Join the anti-capitalist protests!

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G8 summit

Make capitalism history – make socialism our future!

George Bush and Blair will be present in Scotland to take part in the discussions of the capitalist powers’ club, the G8. Set up in 1975, the G8 is made up of the leaders of the world’s eight richest nations. This international capitalist institution has clearly failed to provide any viable solution to the problems facing the world. This July, under the presidency of the British government, the G8 will meet in Gleneagles, Scotland. It intends to discuss climate change and the problems facing the African continent. We call on you to join the counter-demonstrations against the G8 in Edinburgh and Gleneagles. ISR, together with others, will demonstrate against the crimes perpetrated by the G8.

war in Iraq

The leaders of the G8 nations support the occupation in Iraq. Millions have demonstrated against the war and the imperialist occupation of Iraq but the leaders of the richest nations on the planet choose to ignore public opinion. Instead they concentrate on the interests of big business and its hunger for oil. Every 10 days the US spends $3 billion on the war and occupation in Iraq.


The African continent has been devastated over decades by the actions of the capitalist classes from the G8 countries. Their imperialist policies have robbed Africa of its resources and caused extreme poverty for the overwhelming majority of the population. We believe only a struggle by the African working class and poor masses for democratic control and management of their resources and economy offers a way out. The examples of the massive general strikes in Nigeria show how the working class can lead the way and the positive influence of collective struggles.

  • Join us for the July 2nd demo in Edinburgh, transport from London around £30
  • Join our international youth camp, transport + accommodation around £80
  • Contact us for more information: anticapitalism@hotmail.com + 020 8558 7947

solidarity and struggle

Millions of young people in Britain and Europe want to do something to alleviate the plight of the majority of workers and young people in Africa – as well as throughout the world as the response to the tsunami appeal demonstrated. Indeed, the leaders of the G8 were put to shame when the incredible and spontaneous outpouring of solidarity by people in Western Europe and America surpassed the miserly offerings of the G8 governments. We offer our practical and political solidarity to the struggles of the African masses, while, at the same time, we fight to change society here in Europe. We say NO to the IMF, NO to the G8 – they’re responsible for the disastrous situation in Africa and in other parts of the world.


Events organised against the G8, like in Genoa or in Evian, have seen mass demonstrations against the capitalist system and its hypocritical leaders. Gleneagles won’t be an exception. Join us to demonstrate, show that another world is needed and discuss the fundamental problems of capitalism and the alternative to this system.

the record of the G8 so far

  • One billion people live on less than $1 a day; 2.7 billion survive on less than $2 a day
  • 4 million children in Africa die before the age of 5
  • This year, the US will spend $500 billion on its military forces. Spending just $16 billion could eliminate extreme poverty.
  • Western banks and governments reckon that the continent of
  • Africa ’owes’ them $293 billion. Servicing this ‘debt’ in interest
  • and fees costs $15 billion a year.
  • Every day 6,000 people die from HIV/Aids.
  • The richest 200 people in the world have more wealth than the
  • poorest 2.4 billion. Britain’s top five banks will make more than £30 billion on profit this year.

we demand:

  • Immediate write-off of the debt burden without conditions. Compensation only to be given on the basis of a proven need.
  • For an immediate increase in aid to the levels needed. For democratic control of aid and its distribution by elected committees representing the working class, trade unions and the poor.
  • Imperialism out of the neo-colonial world.
  • Bring into public ownership the 500 major multinationals and transnationals that dominate the world economy under democratic working class control and management.
  • Support for the working class and poor masses in their struggle to overthrow the corrupt pro-capitalist governments of the neo-colonial world.
  • Make capitalism history. For the building of a socialist planned economy internationally to abolish poverty, hunger and disease.

International Socialist Resistance (ISR)

ISR, an international organisation of socialists, will take part in these demonstrations putting forward socialist ideas, We’re building an organisation of workers and young people to fight against capitalism and to eradicate the mighty problems capitalism has created. We think that only a mass socialist movement will be able to defeat capitalist policies and build another society, a socialist one. If you want to join us in coming to the G8 and to help organise our participation contact us!

ISR is co-organising an international youth camp with the International Socialists, the Scottish affiliate to the Committee for Workers’ International (CWI). The CWI is an international socialist organisation with members in 40 countries around the world including the International Socialists in Scotland and the socialist Party in England and Wales. We will organise a coach going from the camp each day to take people to the various protests and meetings which are planned for the counter-summit. Cheap food will be available at the camp and there will be an opportunity to participate in political discussions on a wide range of issues with socialists from all over Europe, such as what is socialism and how can it be achieved; the role of NGOs (non-governmental organisations); global poverty and the burden on women; and do we need leaders?

ISR – www.anticapitalism.org.uk, 020 8558 7947, po box 858, London E11 1YG

International Socialists – www.cwiscotland.org, cwiscotland@yahoo.co.uk

committee for a workers international – www.socialistworld.net, cwi@worldsoc.co.uk

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