Ireland: Dispute at GAMA construction escalates

In a vindictive move, Turkish multinational construction company Gama, has said it is today sacking over three hundred workers who have been on a work stoppage for the past three weeks. Gama workers have vowed to fight the company attempt to lay them off.

Workers to fight vindictive sackings by GAMA Management

Workers to fight GAMA Management’s threat to Evict them from their Accommodation

Protest March to GAMA Head Office at Northwood Business Park, Santry, Dublin from 2.00pm to 3.30pm Monday April 25th

Disgracefully, Gama has also threatened to evict workers from their accommodation. Gama workers are accommodated on the sites where they work in prefabricated buildings, with six bunk beds in a room.

The hundreds of workers on stoppage are having a protest march today (Monday) from the site in Ballymun to the Company’s corporate headquarters in Santry, Dublin at 2.00pm.

Gama workers discovered only three weeks ago that the company was hiding wages not paid to them in a bank in Amsterdam. As a result of the publicity about this and the workers campaign, Gama has been forced to transfer those funds to the workers personal bank accounts. However there are substantial outstanding wages for the huge number of hour’s worked with no pay. Typically Gama workers were obliged to labour for an 80 hour plus week and were paid only E2.20 an hour basic pay in most cases. For working 320 hours a month the pay was less than E1,000. Meanwhile Gama was blatantly claiming that it was paying the pay rates agreed with the construction trade unions.

Gama workers are now appealing for the support from other workers to bring their struggle to successful conclusion.

Outstanding issues also include the situation facing a group of ‘fixed wage’ workers received only E800 a month for the same amount of work as the others and these workers have no funds in Finansbank, Holland. These workers must get also all the money due to them. 

For Information or verification contact Enver at 00353871245815 or Joe Higgins TD (member of Parliament) at 0035316772686

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