US: Millions more march against anti-immigrant Law HR4437

’Immigrants General Strike’ called for 1 May

Millions more march against anti-immigrant Law HR4437

Millions of Latino and other immigrant workers took to the streets of the US in recent weeks to protest against the vicious, right-wing proposals to make all undocumented immigrants ’criminals’ hrough Law HR4437.

The latest mass demonstration, in Dallas, Texas, attracted up to 500,000, according to police stimates. In Minnesota, over 30,000 marched in the largest demonstration seen in that city for years.

More protests, in New York, and other cities, are still to take place. A ’general strike’ of all immigrant workers is called for 1 May. (Full reports of these events, and analysis, will be published soon on

Below is a leaflet distributed by supporters of Socialist Alternative (CWI in the US), during recent immigrants’ rights protests.

Socialist Alternative leaflet (pdf, 480KB, new window)

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