Portugal: May day 2007 – Seventy thousand demonstrators in Lisbon

Demonstrators wanted "work, social justice and dignity"

More than 70.000 people joined different demonstrations to commemorate the ‘Dia do Trabalhador’ in Lisbon on 1 May. The biggest demonstration, attended by 70 000 people, was organised by the trade union federation CGTP. The UGT trade union federation, linked to the Blairite PS (Socialist Party) organised a series of concerts which, with a turn-out of about a 1000 people, was scarcely attended. The extreme right party PNR also organised a demonstration. Under the slogan "Against class-struggle" a 100 demonstrators marched.

In the afternoon, 200 young workers and students organised a picnic against unemployment and poverty. A lot of young people find it impossible to find a job, even after years of studying. Without a decent income, they have no choice then to stay and live with their parents. The students joined the CGTP rally at the May Day stadium. The place was packed out with 70 000 people. In what was by Portuguese standards unusualy stormy weather, young and old, Portuguese and immigrant, workers and unemployed came together under the slogan "work, social justice and dignity".

Alternativa Socialista, the CWI in Portugal, distributed a thousand leaflets during the demonstration

The CGTP leaders criticised the neo-liberal policies of the government and the economic crisis which is hitting Portugal. They called for a one day general strike against the Socrates-led government on the 30 May

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