US: May day 2007 – Hundreds of thousands march against immigration raids

Hundreds of thousands march against immigration raids

For the second year in a row, the large-scale celebration of International Workers Day has made its historic return to the United States.

 Once again, crowds of mostly immigrant workers marched in over a dozen U.S. cities to defend the rights of immigrants and protest against vicious government raids and deportations.

This year, Chicago witnessed the largest turnout by far, with the mainstream press reporting 150,000 marchers. The big business press also reported 25,000 marchers in Los Angeles and an impressive 30,000 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The demonstrations were smaller than last year. This was due in large part to the decreased organizing on the part of churches, NGOs, and other groups who no longer fear the passage of the repressive, anti-immigrant HR-4437 bill. Many liberal groups are waiting on the passage of "reform" legislation which is almost certain to include an exploitative guest-worker program. Increased raids may have scared some workers away from the demonstrations. However a recent, brazen federal raid in a Mexican neighborhood of Chicago probably contributed to the mobilization there.

Socialist Alternative members sold their monthly newspaper, Justice, and distributed a Spanish language Mayday bulletin in Los Angeles, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York City, and Boston.



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