Lebanon: Workers of World Unite

For the Building of a United Workers’ Movement

Workers of World Unite

While the Lebanese government is in deep crisis, living conditions all around the country are deteriorating. Hundreds of thousands are in urgent need for work with decent pay when the daily issues faced by workers are low pay, high living costs, lack of public services and other immediate problems.

The dominant Western capitalist powers, the same powers which backed Israel when it was bombarding Lebanon, are behind the neo-liberal programme (privatization and debt to the World Bank).

The working class and the poor are capable of a united mass workers’ struggle, as we see happening in Egypt. However, in order to realize this, a workers’ party is needed with a political programme that can unite all sections of workers in society. Such a party is able to achieve such unity through demanding rights which help solve common daily problems and which call an end to sectarianism which is part of the capitalist system.

The bosses and the capitalist class use “divide and rule” methods in order to stay in power. A democratic socialist society is necessary to cut across such divisions once and for all.

  • A minimum wage of a one million Lira
  • Properly funded and free state education
  • Decent funding to hospitals for free health services
  • Affordable power and energy sources
  • A national economic plan to benefit all working people
  • Workers unity around a class programme to end war and poverty
  • Democratic fighting trade unions
  • For the building of strong mass workers’ socialist parties
  • Solidarity with workers in Egypt and the region to unite the struggle against neo-liberalism

The committee for a workers’ international (cwi) is a campaigning international socialist organisation based in over 35 countries. The cwi is part of the struggle to overthrow the rule of big business and global capitalism. We fight for a democratic socialist society internationally. Join us

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