Northern Ireland: Thousands of Catholics and Protestants rally against brutal occupation of Gaza

Socialists condemn role of Western imperialism and Barack Obama

Over 3,000 people marched through the streets of Belfast on Saturday 10 January to voice their opposition to the brutal occupation of Gaza. Socialist Youth and the Socialist Party (CWI Ireland) led a lively contingent of mainly young people on the march. Our badges saying ‘Stop the slaughter in Gaza’ and leaflets putting a socialist solution were snapped up in just a few minutes.

marching through Belfast

marching through Belfast

The day before over 150 mainly school and technical college students attended a protest at Belfast City Hall. The protest was called by Socialist Youth in response to the ground invasion. Campaign stalls and leafleting around schools in Belfast got a phenomenal reaction from both Protestant and Catholic youth. Speakers at the protest outlined the role of the media and US complicity in the slaughter of 100’s people in Gaza. Peter Hadden, Regional Secretary of the Socialist Party, received much applause when attacking the role of western imperialism, in particular Barck Obama, as well as outlining how the struggle in the Middle East could be progressed along socialist lines. It was agreed to protest outside the US Consulate in Belfast on Monday 12th January.

protest outside Belfast City Hall

protest outside Belfast City Hall

protest outside Belfast City Hall

protest outside Belfast City Hall

The US Consulate was sealed off just before the 20 Socialist Youth protesters arrived. Nine police land rovers and over 40 police officers arrived on the scene while protesters chanted: “Bush, Olmert, CIA – How many kids did you kill today?”

Socialist Youth is planning future activities, meetings and protests against the carnage in Gaza.

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