Scotland: Prisme workers occupation – Day 2

“We have to fight for our rights.”

Billboard in support of occupation

The 12 Prisme packaging workers occupying their workplace in Dundee have voted to continue their protest for a second night.

The 12, who were sacked without notice and who have been told the company will pay them no redundancy, wages due or accrued holiday pay, began their occupation on Thursday at 5pm.

Maureen has worked at Prisme for 13 years and told us, “We have decided to continue our fight to put this company to shame. We have to fight for our rights. The support we have had has been tremendous, totally amazing. I spoke to Tommy Sheridan last night and that was brilliant. It’s made us determined to fight even harder to get what we are owed. We have been loyal workers and now we are being treated disgracefully.”

Matthew, who is 25 and has worked at Prisme for almost 2 years, explained: “ The company director came back this morning, all suited and booted, telling us he did not understand why we were taking this action. He has “offered” us the alternative route of a tribunal to get our redundancy money and other money that is due. Our response has been to say we’ll stay as long as it takes to get what is due.

“We have had masses of support, texts, phone calls and emails which have been a big boost. Messages from trade unionists across the country and socialists from Scotland and even places like Brighton, Wales, Coventry, even a text from Australia, as well as the Youth Fight For Jobs campaign, Solidarity and many others who have offered us their full support.”

Members of the International Socialists, Solidarity and the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign stayed overnight with the workers last night and are helping to build as much support as possible for this action, which is an inspiration for all those fighting the bosses’ offensive on jobs and workers’ rights.

These heroic workers need your continued support so please email/phone and text your solidarity

Please text/phone urgent messages of support to 07970875455 or email

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