Solidarity needed – Kazakhstan: Three members of Socialist Resistance (CWI) beaten and arrested

Urgent protests needed!

On 7 March, in Taraz, southern Kazakhstan, three activists from Socialist Resistance (CWI), Dmitri Tikhonv, Vladimir Lomaev and comrade Mikhail were arrested by police. They were held outside a culture centre where a rock festival was taking place. A police patrol approached and asked the three to ‘accompany them’. A scuffle ensued, in which Dima was hit on the head with a truncheon. He and his two comrades were then taken to the police station, where they were questioned for some hours.

Dima and his comrades have been freed, although it is likely they will be charged with the administrative offence of ‘disobeying’ a police order, while the police will escape responsibility for their actions. The three think this attack was politically motivated, as they were wearing left symbols at the time and the police know them very well.

Socialist Resistance Kazakhstan believe this act was politically inspired and is another attempt to try and frighten young activists from participating in the social and workers’ movement. We call on all Left groups and organisations internationally to support our comrades and protest against the arbitrary acts of the Kazakhstan police.

Please send protests to the following address:⟨=1

General Procuror

010000, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, ul Seifullina 73

Procuror Almaty

Or to your local embassy.

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