Ireland: Four year plan is an open declaration of war on working people

The government’s four year plan to lower Ireland’s debt/GDP ratio is an open declaration of war on working people, the unemployed and young people.

Again they are being asked to pay for this crisis and to keep on paying for the next four years.

Through regressive tax increases like the home tax, water charges and VAT hikes, cuts in pay, the minimum wage, pensions as well as slashing public sector employment the life will be kicked out of the economy. The raise in college fees will inevitably cut off college education for many. All the while the rich get off virtually scot free.

The government’s strategy will not work. These cuts and the private debt burdens we are being told to take on from the banking sector are intolerable and will inevitably be met with resistance.

This Saturday’s National protest must be the opening salvo of a sustained fightback. The protest can be an important rallying point but by itself is highly unlikely to force a retreat by the government. It must form part of a sustained strategy of mass protest and strike action. The day for a 24 hour general strike must be named and further escalations thereafter until this government are forced out of office.

Tomorrow sees the media launch of the United Left Alliance in which the Socialist Party is an important component. It’s launch is very timely. The cut back consensus of the government and official opposition must be broken by a radical left alternative. We which will challenge for a significant number of seats and will become the real opposition in the next Dáil.

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