Kazakhstan: London embassy protest

Stop repression of striking oil and gas workers!

The following letter of protest was given to officials at the Kazakhstan Embassy in London, last week:

To the Ambassador of the Kazakhstan Embassy London

16 June 2011

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to protest in the strongest possible terms at the repression of striking oil and gas workers and their families by the authorities in Aktau, western Kazakhstan.

The workers on strike are employed by KazMunauGaz. On Saturday 11th June riot police went on the rampage against women workers and the wives of strikers. One of the victims, Aisula Amangeldieva, suffered particularly badly and had to undergo an emergency operation.

Natalia Sokolava is being prosecuted on trumped-up charges and if found guilty will face up to seven years in prison. It is clear that the employers do not to intend recognise or negotiate with the independent trade union at the company.

We demand an end to all repression and harassment of the striking workers and their families and the release of Natalia Sokolova.

We intend to ensure that this repression of democratic rights is publicised and that international solidarity with the workers and their families is organised.


The Socialist Party of England and Wales.

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