Ireland: Joe Higgins calls for mass non-payment campaign

Billions flow to ultra-rich, unsecured bond holders and speculators as workers told to pay more. Defeat the household tax!

Below we publish a video of Joe Higgins TD (member of Irish Parliament) warning Enda Kenny (the Taoiseach, Irish Prime Minister) that the planned house-hold tax will be met with a mass non-payment campaign.

A text-message based poll conducted by a Dublin radio station last night, 14 December, returned showed 95% of respondents saying they would not pay the tax. Joe’s call for mass-non payment also featured prominently in RTÉ’s (Irish public broadcaster) lead evening television news story on 14 December. "RTÉ News: Six One" regularly has over 600,000 viewers.

We also publish excerpts of an article from the Socialist Party (CWI Ireland) dealing with the issues.

“The government’s proposed Household Charge of €100 is the forerunner for water charges and a property tax on every home. A pensioner or low paid worker pays the same as a millionaire. How rotten! This new tax has absolutely nothing to do with improving council services – the proceeds go towards the bailout of wealthy gamblers and bankers, for which ordinary people are being bled dry.”

“Everyone knows the tax will start at €100 and rise relentlessly, if we let it. The Economic Social and Research Institute called for household taxes for years. Its leading economist, John Fitzgerald, has said this is only “the beginning” and that a home tax of €800 plus a water tax of €500 is needed.”

To read the full article click here.

You can also visit the websites of the Socialist Party’s Joe Higgins TD & Clare Daly TD

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