Tamil struggle: “Seek justice – by all means necessary!”

Third anniversary of slaughter of Tamil people by Sri Lankan army marked by protests all around the world

The CWI was involved in mass protests in different countries to mark the third anniversary of the war crimes committed during the war of the Sri Lankan regime against Tamil people, especially during its final month.

The following leaflet, demanding justice for the Tamils in Sri Lanka, was published by the New Socialist Alternative (CWI India) for an event jointly organized by the May 17th Movement and Periyar Dravidar Kalakam on 20th May in Chennai (Tamil Nadu). Members of the New Socialist Alternative and Tamil Solidarity will be participating in the event.

Rally in London to commemorate 3rd anniversary of slaughter of Tamil people in Sri Lanka

Seek Justice – By Any Means Necessary!

[Leaflet by New Socialist Alternative (CWI India), see also: pdf file]

Exactly three years ago, the absolutely horrific spectacle of the genocidal war, killing tens of thousands of innocent and defenceless Tamils, was unleashed in the northern parts of Sri Lanka. This demonic war conducted by the Sinhala chauvinist, Buddhist, communal regime of Sri Lanka led by Mahinda Rajapakse was covertly and overtly supported and executed by the ruling regimes of India, China, Japan, Pakistan, Israel, the UK, and above all the imperialist USA.

The communal regime in Sri Lanka is trying to paint a picture of normalcy to the outside world with all the fanfare and the façade of being an elected democracy. But the recent events of the UNHRC resolution and Channel 4 exposés have opened a Pandora ’s Box, highlighting the stinking nature of the regime and the war machine there.

Build mass struggle

Above all, even the resolution at the UNHRC is a product of the relentless mass pressure that has been built around the world indicting Mahinda Rajapake’s regime of heinous war crimes. Forces such as the Tamil Solidarity campaign, the May 17th Movement, and others have been earnestly building mass democratic pressure both within India and abroad amongst the Tamil diaspora.

There is no doubt that the setback caused by the military defeat of the rebellion has caused an enormous disarray among those all who genuinely favoured the Home Land, i.e. the Ealam for the island’s Tamils in the North and East of Sri Lanka. But the despair is fast disappearing, and a new awakening among the ordinary Tamil masses is on the rise in relation to all the day-to-day issues of the people in general and Tamil populace in particular.

Class unity is the key

The extraordinary class unity that has been witnessed in the mass opposition to the Kudankulam Nuclear Plant shows the power of the mass democratic struggles that can be built. The time has come to understand that movements of a sectional character, however militant they may be, are easy prey for the machinations of the ruling classes, a glimpse of which we saw in the provocateur act of the Congress through Mullaiperiyar Dam issue.

Nothing less than mass democratic pressure, built on an international scale, led by the working people of all nationalities can bring justice to our Tamil brethren in Sri Lanka. The New Socialist Alternative (CWI India) and the forces of Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) in over 45 countries have been at the forefront of such efforts. United Socialist Party (CWI Sri Lanka) has a heroic record of defending Tamils and fighting unequivocally for the right of self-determination for Tamils, including secession, while totally defending the democratic rights of all the minorities.

From the days of the brutal genocidal war, the forces of the CWI are in a relentless effort to bring justice to the oppressed Tamils in Sri Lanka through their campaigning efforts. New Socialist Alternative and the CWI are in total solidarity with the international campaign, Tamil Solidarity, to seek justice for the Tamils.

End the oppressive system of capitalism

Seeking justice for the brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka is no longer an issue that is isolated and far removed from the struggles of immediate concern, be it Kudankulam, atrocities on Daliths and Adivasis, or land and livelihood issues. All these issues point us in the direction of the task of replacing the oppressive capitalist system.

The New Socialist Alternative(CWI-India) fully stands by the struggle of the Tamil people and demands:

An independent war crimes investigation! Withdraw the troops! No to detention camps! Stop Arming Sri Lankan regime! Democratic rights for all! Support independent trade unions! Defend the right to self-determination! Support the struggle of all oppressed nationalities! Better condition for Tamil refugees! Remove private interests and corruption! End the caste grip! End the onslaught against the environment! Land to the landless!

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