China: Tiananmen anniversary sees protests and government splits in China

Massive 180,000-strong crowd turns out for yearly candle-light vigil in Hong Kong • “CY effect” evident as rising local discontent coalesces with indignation over 1989 massacre

It is 23 years since Deng Xiaoping and China’s one-party regime used tanks to crush the mass student-led protest movement in Beijing. But this year, powerful aftershocks are rippling across China from the fateful events of 3-4 June 1989. As in each of the past three years, over 150,000 crammed into the six football pitches of Victoria Park in Hong Kong for an emotional candle-lit vigil. This year’s turnout was 30,000 more than a year ago, bringing the turnout to a staggering 180,000 people. The event, held yearly since 1989, has enjoyed a surge in support and interest especially from the younger generation since the 20th anniversary in 2009.

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