Kazakhstan: Vadim Kuramshin threatens hunger strike protest

Urgent appeal for prisoner rights campaigner

Vadim Kuramshin, a prison rights campaigner arrested 6 months ago on trumped-up charges has declared that if the trial against him is not resumed within ten days he will start a hunger strike. He has informed Samat Tolesbayu, the judge of the Zhambulskaya oblast interregional court responsible for presiding over his trial, that a hunger strike would be a protest against the attempts to drag out the hearing and against his rights being restricted during the jury trial. Vadim stated that the evidence presented during his trial has revealed a number of crimes perpetrated by government officials.

We ask all supporters of Campaign Kazakhstan to protest personally against the unjust imprisonment of Vadim Kuramshin. Vadim is one of the best known activists in Kazakhstan and has been working with the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan for many years. He faces a prison sentence of many years!

Under the link http://campaignkazakhstan.org/index.php/free-vadim-kuramshin immediately-e-mail-protest-and-online-petition/ you can find a model letter to make an e-mail protest.

The small effort you make when sending a protest e-mail and / or phoning the prison in which Vadim is held, has an enormous effect in improving his captivity conditions and can eventually free him.

Please use these emails and phone numbers and also e-mail the Kazakh embassy in your country.

Please send urgent protests to:

Head of Regional Court

+7 7262 451219


Special Regional Court for Criminal Cases

+7 7262 43-12-04


Please send copies to:- kazakhstansolidarity@gmail.com and campaignkazakhstan.o

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