Ireland: Joe Higgins condemns new Irish bank bill

Socialist Party (CWI) MP argues for democratic socialist alternative to capitalist market chaos

Late Wednesday night, the Irish government was forced to convene an emergency parliamentary session, after media leaks regarding their negotiations with the European Central Bank on a “re-structuring” of the debts originating from the colossal bank bailout. The session passed a motion dismantling the remnants of Anglo Irish and Anglo Nationwide banks, immediately sacking over 800 workers who learned of their dismissal through the media. The bill was passed in the runup to a deal with the European Central Bank to "restructure" debt payments, but without reducing the overall amount of debt, thus merely guaranteeing the further payment of the bankers’ debts at the expense of working people. Below we publish a video of Joe Higgins, Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) TD (Member of Irish parliament) speaking in this session. More analysis to follow…

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