Turkey: CWI brings solidarity with Suruç victims

Message of support from the CWI and its sections

The CWI and its members, gathered for their annual summer school in Belgium, express their solidarity and condolences for the 32 victims killed in a horrific suicide bombing carried out by ISIS terrorists on a Socialist Federation of Youth Associations (SGDF) protest in the Southeastern town of Suruç, near the Syrian border. This is the first time that a socialist organisation inside Turkey is being explicitly targeted by ISIS.

The mass street protests that have taken place after the attack in many cities accross the country shows the way forward to fight against reactionary forces like ISIS but also against the ruling AKP government which has contributed, by its foreign policies, to the threat of terrorism blowing back to hit ordinary Kurdish and Turkish people. We stand in solidarity with all the people attacked by police forces in the harsh repression seen against the ensuing demonstrations.

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