Ireland: “Abortion Pill Bus”

ROSA and Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) TD organise bus tour to defy anti-choice 8th amendement

Despite the abominable ban on abortion in Ireland, it is a fact of life that women still obtain them. Twelve women a day travel to Great Britain for their services. Unfortunately, while some may have the resources and funds to go abroad, others may feel they have to resolve to life-endangering methods in their desperation. This is due to the stigma surrounding abortion that translates to a worrying lack of information. It is therefore vital to get that information out there.

Last year ROSA –campaign for Reproductive rights, against Oppression, Sexism and Austerity organized the Abortion pill train, an action in which activists brought abortion pills from Northern Ireland to Dublin, and then proceeded to take them to bring attention to this issue and show the safety of the pills.

This year ROSA together with and Ruth Coppinger, Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) TD (Irish MP) are organising a bus tour around Ireland in order to provide women with information on the pill, as well as the pill itself. The action will be taking place on the 23 and 24 October. They’ll be visiting the cities of Cork, Galway and Limerick amongst others.

The backward nature of the government stops women from having access to this much needed procedure. A real battle for a repeal of the 8th amendment must be waged by undermining this medieval clause.

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