France: Combative left needed to fight new president’s attacks!

Leaflet being distributed in the run-up to the first round of the parliamentary elections in France this Sunday by Gauche Révolutionnaire (CWI in France)


Hardly installed in office, we see that the new president, Emmanuel Macron, is claiming to be different, but things are looking very much like what they have been in the last few years. One minister – Ferrand – involved in a financial scam, new attacks on the “labour” law that will be forced through the national assembly (like that of the previous government but to be called “ordinances”), an increase in pensioners’ social security contributions… Policies serving the rich from a president who is, in fact, simply the president for the rich, the banks and the multinationals. We will not let it go on; we must prepare a response all together.
As from now, we must strive to prevent Macron getting a majority in parliament by electing the maximum number of deputies to make up a real opposition of the left that fights for the interests of young people, workers, pensioners.

The Front National – very useful for Macron

Macron was only elected because he had Marine Le Pen facing him in the run-off. The Front National showed how useful it is to the system and the established politicians. On the one hand it seeks to divide workers and young people against each other with racist statements about migrants or Muslims. Yet it is not they who are closing down the workplaces, but the French capitalists. On the other hand, Le Pen’s programme envisages cracking down on the unions, on strikes and all forms of resistance. In the end, the FN vote has served only one thing: to ensure the support of the ruling ‘Socialist’ Party (PS) and the more traditional right forces for Macron in the second round of the presidential election.

The PS, the right, – everyone with Macron

The “Republicans” are embarrassed, they have found someone who is more twisted and more of a liar than either Sarkozy or Fillon – their previous leaders. From those who become ministers, like Edouard Philippe, or those who become candidates of Macron’s party – ‘En Marche’ – after being in the team of the right it is a great gathering of opportunists.

The leaders and candidates of France’s social democratic party – the PS – have completely abandoned the programme which was adopted by their candidate Hamon during the party’s primary elections. Even for their own members and supporters, the PS does not respect any democracy or any of its commitments. No wonder that all the candidates of the PS want to participate in the “presidential majority” of Macron. There is nothing more that can be done with this party, damaged by its allies.

A policy to be fought

Almost no one voted in support of Macron’s policy but obviously, he couldn’t care less. To carry on what he did when he was Economics Minister (under Francois Hollande), Macron has announced a new labour law, which will be 10 times worse than the previous ‘El Khomri’ law [under the ‘socialists’, which provoked a prolonged strike wave last year eds.]. Limits on compensation in the event of dismissal, the possibility of increasing working time, of imposing “agreements” for workplaces which are more unfavourable than the minimum laid down in collective agreements … especially unwelcome since this government is also going to attack social security and seek to destroy it! This is going to amount to social carnage and the super-exploitation of workers, with precarious jobs or millions of us. Protests are being prepared for June 22nd and 27th and there should be massive mobilisation – not accepting things, and showing that this policy has no support in the population.

Vote for the candidates who actually oppose Macron’s policy

We are for a vote in the constituencies and in general for the candidates put forward by Melenchon’s campaign – ‘France Insoumise’ (France unbowed).

In the presidential election, seven million voted against this kind of policy with the candidacy of Mélenchon. Mélenchon almost went through to the second round and represents a real opposition to Macron. Nevertheless, it is a real movement that can be built and demand: increased wages, the defence of public services, equality of pay for women and men etc.. We need a real opposition to Macron, the PS, the right and the FN – a new political force against capitalism. This is what can be created by France Insoumise – a genuinely new, truly democratic party that brings together hundreds of thousands of workers, young people and pensioners to fight against Macron’s policies, against racism, sexism …

This is what Gauche Révolutionnaire is contributing to, while putting forward our own programme to overthrow capitalism and build socialism – a truly democratic society in which the economy will be organised to satisfy the needs of all and not for the profits of a handful, putting into public and democratic ownership the big companies, the multinationals, the sectors like health, energy and the banks.

Organising becomes vital in the face of Macron’s policies. Contact us and fight with us!

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